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RetargetKit is your go to retargetting tool. Founded in 2019 with the power couple, Iftekher Islam Sunny and Shamima Nasrin. Iftekher, being the main coder and developer behind the software. While Shamima is the brains behind the marketing. together, they bring about this great software. What makes RetargetKit Special? We are geared towards Agencies and enterprise companies. We understand the need to bring back the traffic that had bounced from your site. That is effort wasted. With RetargetKit, we wanted it to be versatile, flexible and easy as possible to use to bring back the fold. This makes RetargetKit sought after.


RetargetKit - ShortURL Retargeting Pixel

The perfect platform with all the necessary features in one place for link shortening, retargeting, verified leads collecting, smartlist & bio link creating with every link analytics.

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