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It is common to get confused while choosing the best link shortener. If you are confused about which URL shortener to choose- Rebrandly or RetargetKit, it is better to know the reasons behind choosing the best one.

Here we represent, what makes RetargetKit- the Rebrandly alternative tool and why RetargetKit is a better choice over Rebrandly.

Rebrandly is a simple URL shortener offering simple and easy solutions to link shortening. It only offers those features related to link shortening like- allowing custom domain, tracking links and monitoring links.

Anyone can easily use Rebrandly for link shortening purposes.

On the other hand, RetargetKit offers more than URL shortening. It offers all the necessary features a digital marketer, affiliate marketer and digital marketing agency needs.

We bring you 10 solid reasons that will give you a clear idea, why you should choose RetargetKit over Rebrandly.

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10 Reasons That RetargetKit Is The Rebrandly Alternative Tool


Rebrandly might be the best link shortener, but RetargetKit is far much better. RetargetKit is not limited to the best link shortener only. It offers so much more.

RetargetKit helps you to grow your business as a digital marketer, affiliate marketer, social advert manager, agency owner etc.

Here are 10 reasons that make RetargetKit the best digital marketing tool and mostly Rebrandly alternative tool. This comparison will help you to make a quick decision on choosing RetargetKit over Rebrandly.

  1. Collect verified leads to grow email lists: To grow business online, you need to collect hot leads for product promotion, product sale, email list growth etc. This makes lead collection a must. RetargetKit offers Lead Generation feature to help you capture social verified active leads. You don’t have to verify your leads using third-party tools or scrap them on social networks for active accounts. RetargetKit Lead Generation does that for you along with data export option. This feature is not available on Rebrandly. (Learn How RetargetKit Helps Digital Marketer To Get Passive Income using Lead Generation)
  2. Collect emails from other websites: Call-To-Action (CTA) feature helps you to capture leads from other websites. A small window pops-up when you visit a website like Hubspot. A CTA helps you to get more leads in exchange for downloadable resources like- PDF, tutorials, ebook worthy of hundreds of dollars etc. A CTA increases your Click Through Rate and keeps your audiences engaged. Collecting leads will help you to grow your email list swiftly. RetargetKit offers a highly customizable CTA that grows your email list super-fast making your way to earn more quickly. You can even attach YouTube videos to your RetargetKit CTA. Rebrandly does not offer any kind of CTA or lead generation method.
    Email Collect
  3. Get traffic from Instagram: Instagram works as hype in this time and uplifts your brand to the next level in no time. But pushing Instagram audiences to your websites or your other platforms is really tough. You are allowed to share hundreds of posts but only one link that too in your Instagram profile bio. So to drive traffic to your website and other channels, Bio Link is the only option available right now. Bio Link allows you to share thousands of links inside one single link. With a highly customizable Bio Link, you can add thousands of links to drive your Instagram audiences to your website and other platforms. You can promote your brand as well and increase your sales. This makes RetargetKit the best Rebrandly alternative tool as this feature is unavailable on Rebrandly. (Learn How To Add Link In Instagram Bio)
  4. Perfect for affiliate marketing: If you are an affiliate marketer and a digital marketer, you are well known how tough is affiliate marketing. You need to share all the links again and again on different platforms and websites. A well-designed curated page can list up all of your affiliate product links in one dynamic landing page and instead of sharing thousands of links, you can share only ONE link. This is what RetargetKit curated page does. It helps you to assemble all of your links in one dynamic landing page. All of your links will appear as cards showing title, description and image to give your audience a better idea of each link. You can even showcase video tutorial links along with website links. Rebrandly doesn’t offer this feature.
  5. Links automation: Many retargeting services offer lead automation. This feature allows your leads to pass to the integrations automatically. This saves your time and effort to work with the leads manually. What is if you could do the same with your short links? What if you could connect the shortener campaign with the third-party integrations and let them do their work automatically. So whenever you create a new link under that campaign, it will automatically pass to the integrations. Won’t that reduce your workload? Well, this is what RetargetKit has. RetargetKit link automation does that job and relieves you from manually link passing to the integrations. This exclusive feature is not available on ANY OTHER link shortener including Rebrandly. This is why RetargetKit takes the place of Rebrandly alternative tool.
    Link Automation
  6. Agency Setup: Planning to start your digital marketing agency? Or already have one but want to shift all of your tasks to a better link management tool? Then RetargetKit is undoubtedly the best choice. RetargetKit white label feature allows you to build your agency from scratch without any development and costing hassle. No need to hire a developer or content creator. You will be given the power to rebrand RetargetKit and get new clients using your brand name. Just get your agency plan and get started right away. By The way, this feature is not available in the best link shortener Rebrandly.
  7. Client addition: As an agency owner, if you want to sell sub-accounts, you can do that from RetargetKit. You can add multiple clients and earn on a monthly basis just by selling sub-accounts. Or manage your clients’ links helping them grow their business. All you need to do is setup the subscription plan depending on your clients’ usage and get revenue on the price you want. This super cool feature is not present on Rebrandly.
  8. Supports 12+ integrations: Integration with other software helps you manage your daily tasks more efficiently and flexibly. If you work simultaneously posting on different platforms, spend hours on email marketing which increases your workload, then choose RetargetKit. It supports more than 12 most necessary software integrations that will reduce your workload as well as your back pain. Just enable your needy integrations and setup their tasks. RetargetKit will do its magic right on time. On the other hand, Rebrandly has only a few integrations in accordance with RetargetKit.
  9. Bulk Link Import: If you are tired of using a link shortener service that you don’t like and want to move on to alternatives, but afraid that you might lose your previous short links, then don’t worry at all. RetargetKit got your back. It has the bulk link import option by which you can migrate all of the links you created in your current tool to RetargetKit with just one click. Rebrandly doesn’t offer this option.
  10. Flexible Chrome Extension: We give our clients the top priority. So anything which is an obstacle to your marketing growth is a big problem for us too. Both RetargetKit and Rebrandly have chrome extensions working greatly. But Rebrandly lacks additional features that are available on RetargetKit. This makes RetargetKit as the best Rebrandly alternative tool. RetargtKit Chrome extension allows you to edit the meta title and meta description of the URL in case you need to change them. You can even provide a password for the link if you want to make the URL password protected. RetargetKit brings these features in the chrome extension to make link shortening more flexible. These additional features make RetargetKit the best link shortener. (Get RetargetKit Chrome Extension)


As the best link shortener and compared to features and services, Rebrandly price seems pretty high in accordance with RetargetKit. Rebrandly offers a total 5 plans including a custom plan.


And RetargetKit offers 4 plans.


With more giving and less charging, RetargetKit is the best link shortener and ideal Rebrandly alternative tool.

RetargetKit Vs Rebrandly

Compared to the features, services and pricing, though RetargetKit is a Rebrandly alternative tool, it offers way MORE than Rebrandly.

With constant development and incredible customer support, we made RetargetKit the best retargeting tool ever you can imagine. Stay connected to get more in the future.


As a Rebrandly alternative- RetargetKit is the best and perfect choice. RetargetKit means a complete kit (box) of retargeting features. That is what we offer, say and mean, “All-in-one Retargeting ToolKit For Digital Marketers”.

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