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Replug can be said as the best link shortener in the market. But still, it lacks some significant features that RetargetKit has. If you think why RetargetKit is the Replug alternative, you need to know the reason behind it.

RetargetKit offers some additional features and services which you will not find in Replug. This article represents 7 reasons to choose RetargetKit over Replug.

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7 Reasons That Make RetargetKit the Best Replug Alternative tool


Replug can be said as the best link shortener, but RetargetKit is more than that. RetargetKit is not limited to- the best link shortener or retargeting tool only. It is the perfect tool for digital marketers, affiliate marketers, social advert managers, agency owners etc.

The flexibility of RetargetKit makes it the most powerful tool ever you can get. Before jumping to any conclusion, take a look at the reasons that make RetargetKit the best Replug alternative tool and help you choose RetargetKit over Replug.

  • Lead Collection: No matter if you are a digital marketer, affiliate marketer or own an agency, you need to collect leads for product promotion, product sale, email list growth etc. This makes lead collection a must. Besides, we don’t want our clients to jump tab to tab and software to software when they are highly busy at work. That is one good solid reason that RetargetKit has lead generation. It helps you to collect social verified active leads. You don’t have to verify your leads or scrap them on social networks to get connected. RetargetKit lead generation does that for you along with data export options. Replug surely has Call-To-Action which is available on RetargetKit too. But RetargetKit offers Lead Generation which is not available on Replug. (Learn How Retargetkit Helps Digital Marketer To Get Passive Income using Lead Generation)
  • Perfect For Affiliate Marketing: RetargetKit curated page is a smart landing page where links are represented in cards. The good thing of the curated page is you can include informative blogs, deals, product links, affiliate links, video links etc all on one page. And the best part is, you need to share only one link instead of hundreds of links. This makes RetargetKit the perfect tool for affiliate marketing. If you are an affiliate marketer, you know the struggle of sharing multiple links everyday. If you are using multiple tools like link shortening, curated page service, bio link service, link tracking service, then RetargetKit is the ultimate and one great solution for you. It offers all these services in one platform which will save your time, money, effort, workloads and help you focus on other important works. This feature is unavailable on Replug. (Learn How To Earn Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing Using RetargetKit)
  • Links automation: Many retargeting services offer lead automation. This feature allows your leads to pass to the integrations automatically. This saves your time and effort to work with the leads manually. What is if you could do the same with your short links? What if you could connect the shortener campaign with the third-party integrations and let them do their work automatically. So whenever you create a new link under that campaign, it will automatically pass to the integrations. Won’t that reduce your workload? Well, this is what RetargetKit has. RetargetKit links automation does that job and relieves you from manually link passing to the integrations. This feature is undoubtedly not available on Replug. In fact, NO OTHER link shortener provides this service.
  • Agency Setup: Are you planning to start your own digital marketing agency? Or already own one but want to shift all of your tasks to a better link management tool? Then RetargetKit is undoubtedly the best choice. RetargetKit white label feature allows you to start your own agency from scratch without any development and costing hassle. Furthermore, If you already have multiple clients and want to manage their link management accounts, then choose RetargetKit. You will be given the power to rebrand RetargetKit and get new clients using your brand name. This will promote your brand, give your brand the visibility it needs. This feature is absolutely not available on Replug. (Learn How To Get Clients And Grow Agency Using RetargetKit)
  • Client addition: As an agency owner, if you want to sell sub-accounts, you can do that from RetargetKit. You can add multiple clients and earn on a monthly basis just by selling sub-accounts. All you need to do is setup the subscription plan depending on your clients’ usage and get revenue on the price you want. This super cool feature is not present on Replug.
  • Link Import: If you are tired of using a link shortener service that you don’t like and want to move on to alternatives, but afraid that you might lose your previous short links, then don’t worry at all. RetargetKit got your back. It has the link import option by which you can migrate all of the links you created in your current tool to RetargetKit with just one click. And Replug doesn’t have this option.
  • Flexible Chrome Extension: Both RetargetKit and Replug have chrome extension. Both of the extensions work similarly. But Replug lacks additional features that are available on RetargetKit. This makes RetargetKit as the best Replug alternative tool. RetargtKit chrome extension allows you to edit the meta title and meta description of the URL in case you need to change them. Shows meta image and allows you to provide a password in case you want to make the URL password protected. RetargetKit brings these features in the chrome extension to make link shortening more flexible. (Get RetargetKit Chrome Extension)


As the best link shortener, Replug basic plan starts at $19 per month. And as the best all-in-one marketing tool, RetargetKit also offers personal plan at $19 per month. But Replug doesn’t offer any yearly plan like RetargetKit. Meaning, Replug basic plan charges $228 for a year where RetargetKit yearly plan charges only $180. Considering the pricing, RetargetKit is the ideal Replug alternative tool.

RetargetKit Vs Replug

Compared to the features, services and pricing, RetargetKit is MORE than Replug. But it can be considered as a Replug alternative tool. With constant development and incredible customer support, we made RetargetKit the best retargeting tool ever you can imagine. More to come in the future.


As a Replug alternative- RetargetKit is the ultimate best choice. RetargetKit means a complete kit (box) of retargeting features. That is what we offer, say and mean, “All-in-one Retargeting ToolKit For Digital Marketers”.

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