How To Collect Leads for Affiliate Marketing

Indeed lead generation is one effective method to promote users to buy your product and services for affiliate marketing. But the fact is, if you can't convince the prospects to buy your products or services, all your efforts will go in vain without sales. That is the reason you need to know how to collect leads for affiliate marketing.

The prospects who have a genuine interest in your business and have the intention to make at least one purchase, they are good leads for you. But unfortunately, many companies choose to generate a large number of leads compromising the quality. 

You can also boost your marketing skills on different social media platforms. But, the most difficult task is to specify the high-quality leads who are ready to make a purchase.

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What is a Lead?

 A lead can show interest in different ways like following your social media accounts, completing any of your contact forms or downloading a free guide and vice versa. It's more common that the business hears from the lead first rather than the lead hears from it.

With the list of lead generation, you need to promote your products via email marketing, retargeting social media accounts even via SMS(s). This process is more effective than randomly sending emails to persons without knowing whether they have any interests on a particular product!

What is Lead Generation?

Eventually lead generation is the process through which you can convert strangers into leads by using different lead generator materials and methods. For example, many companies use online contents, blog posts, job applications, online surveys, live events etc. as lead generators. 

Creating contents for lead generation is the most common but old strategy applied by many companies. But it's far better if you successfully find out some unique ways for lead generation.

You can also take help from renowned lead generating websites or lead management software available online. A perfect lead generation strategy can help to attract more and more potential customers and lead them towards complete purchase. 

Why is Lead Generation Important in Affiliate Marketing? 

In the process of inbound marketing methods, lead generation is a step of the second stage. When your audience is already attracted and you are ready to convert them into leads, then this process occurs. 

When an unknown person shows organic interest in your business products or services and starts communication, it's more natural. That's why the possibility of successful purchase increases tremendously.

It's not a good practice when you try to convince a person to buy your products or services who haven’t shown any interest in your business. The visitors may feel that you are pushing or forcing them to spend money on unnecessary products. And it's not a good sign for your brand's reputation.

To filter the right customer for your business, you must target your audience by applying lead generation. Some other benefits of lead generation for your business or brand are mentioned here:

  1. Target Specific Audience: Targeting a specific audience by lead generation can prevent waste of resources of any Company. And it also returns the investment by increasing sales and improving ROI. 
  2. Increase Brand Awareness: With the lead generation process, you are promoting the brand. Once the brand reaches the target audience, you can represent the features and benefits of your products or services to them. 
  3. Prospect Information Capture: You will be able to capture valuable prospect information via lead generation process. You can tailor the products and services to match the needs of your customers only if you have the information about their choices and preferences. And you can get this information by any of the lead generation methods like forms. 
  4. The loyalty of the Brand: When you create broader customer communities with similar choices, this will improve your brand's loyalty towards the customers. 

What are the Components of Lead Generation Process

Lead generation is not only a simple task of generating the leads, some other components are also equally important in the whole lead generation process. For example: 

  1. Database: For tracking the leads as they come in and their attribution to proper score, source and distributing them for nurturing, you need a lead generation database. Some of these tasks can be performed manually but you need to take help of any lead tracking software for the best results.
  2. Supporting Content: As you know, "Content is king" – your contents are the soul of all your campaigns and marketing efforts. Content is the foundation of your email marketing, social media marketing and all other campaigns.
  3. Lead-Ready Channels: You need to track all your lead generation efforts on your website, social accounts, landing pages etc. You should know whether your paid marketing programs and sales strategies match with your lead generation planning. 
  4. Analytics Engine and Martech Stack: Tracking the return of investment and determining the full working method is not the finishing. You have to convert a lead to a sale and also save your money by optimizing the whole process. You have to choose a budget-friendly but effective lead generation technology to grow your business.

What are Lead Generation Strategies for Affiliate Marketing

Lead generation strategies or campaigns depend on the platform of your lead capture. We have discussed the lead generation process overview. There are several ways to capture leads on different platforms but firstly, you have to bring the visitors to the first place. 

Let's have look at the most popular platforms where you can capture leads.

  1. Lead Generation on Facebook: A company can use website info in their Facebook bios and outbound links in the Facebook posts to get more traffic to their website. Moreover, they can use the paid Ads especially "Lead Ads" to capture more and more leads.  There is also an option for using the CTA button at the top of your business page to send the visitors directly to the website. 
  2. Lead Generation on Twitter: Twitter Lead Generation Cards feature allows you to generate leads directly. The card automatically pulls the user information including the name, username and email address. When the user clicks "submit", he or she becomes your lead directly within the tweet. 
  3. Lead Generation on LinkedIn: LinkedIn advertising space is the most appropriate place for lead generation as it provides Lead Generation Forms. When a user clicks on the CTA button, these forms auto-populate the data from the user profile and make the lead generation process easier. 
  4. PPC (Pay-per-click) Lead Generation: The concept of PPC is completely related to  SERPs ( search engine result pages) ads. Google is not a good but perfect place for lead gen ad campaigns. But the success of your PPC campaign depends largely on your keyword research, budget, user flow etc. 
  5. Lead Generation B2B: B2B Lead Generation is a specific business model with a significant approach towards lead generation. 

5 Steps to Collect Leads for Affiliate Marketing

We have already known the definition, importance and components of lead generation. Now it's time to go for action and learn the steps of lead generation and learn how to collect leads for affiliate marketing.

  1. First, a visitor visits your blog, website or social media accounts and knows about your business. 
  2. Then he or she will click on the CTA(call-to-action) that you have set to encourage the audience to take any action. This CTA can be a message, an image or a button. 
  3. This CTA will take the visitor to a webpage which is called the landing page. The landing page captures information of the leads. 
  4. The landing page gives an "offer"(like a course, ebook etc.) to the visitor in exchange of which they have to provide personal information to access it. If the visitor fill-ups the form to access the "offer", he or she becomes your new lead!
  5. Now you are ready to promote your affiliate products to your new leads via email marketing, Facebook ads retargeting, social media inboxing etc.

Effective Services to Collect Leads for Affiliate Marketing

Several lead generation companies offer ready tools or software to capture leads. Although there is some free lead generation software available, the paid ones provide more effective results with more features. 

But it's not always true that the most expensive lead generator will be the best and most effective software for you. You have to choose the best lead generation kit that suits your local lead generation business. 

Now, we are going to make it super easy for you to capture leads by introducing a perfect software named RetargetKit. It's a super-effective software that offers you six services, namely: lead generation, Bio link, Curated Page, Branded shortener, Call to Action and Custom Widget.

With RetargetKit lead generation service you can easily collect leads for affiliate marketing. Once the leads are collected you can use the leads for email marketing, social media marketing promotion etc.

How to collect Leads from Your Lead Magnet using RetargetKit

RetargetKit is a powerful lead generation software that can capture leads using social signups, CTA (call-to-action) and many other features. We are going to show you the process of generating leads for your business using RetargetKit software. Using the highly customizable opt-in links, you can collect leads for affiliate marketing and grow your social verified email list with this handy software.  

Step 1: Create Free Account

Sign in to RetargetKit account and create your free account. Once you click on the sign up button, you will be redirected to the campaign page.

Step 2: Create Lead Generation Campaign

Name your campaign in Campaign Name option and Select from Campaign Type. We provide six options to choose to boost your affiliate marketing. But for now, you choose lead generation then press next.

Collect-Lead-For Affiliate-Marketing
Creating Lead Generation Campaign

Optionally, you will get the two options as questions:

  1. Do you need custom Domain?
  2. Do you need retargeting pixels?

If you toggle “Create a new Custom Domain”, you can add the name of your custom domain. Put the domain name here and click Next. Or skip this step if you don’t wish to use any domain other than

The next option is “Choose Your Retargeting Pixel” which is also optional. You will get this option if you answer the second question as yes. If you want to track your retargeting pixels, you can add the Retargeting Pixel Name here otherwise skip this step.

Custom domain and retargeting pixels help you create your brand & boost your remarketing.

Step 3: Write Opt-in Message

Then you will get the option to Collect Verified Leads from different social media platforms. You have to choose a particular Social App among Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. This way you can collect verified leads. You can customize your Opt-In message that will be displayed to the visitor with your data protection policy. You have the option to Make Social Sign Up Optional or Compulsory. After filling up the fields save your campaign. 

Screenshot2021 02 21At12 31 35Pm D98D17188Ff41Ea178F266816Ff6C655 800
Select Opt-in Platform

Step 4: Create Opt-in Link for Lead Magnet

Click on ‘New Retarget Links’. Give the URL of your target webpage in Destination URL option. Mainly the link of the page you want your audience to see. And save it. A retarget link will be generated that you can copy to your clipboard or share to your social media accounts. Now you can put this link in your targeted webpage or social media accounts.

If you want to split test your opt-in page, you can enable split testing from the ‘Advanced Options’ tab.

Create Short Link From Lead Magnet

Step 5: Collect Leads & Monitoring Analytics

Once you put the retargeting link in target pages, interested visitors will click on that. They will be asked to continue with their respective social accounts like this:

Lead Magnet Opt-in Page

Once they sign up to their social account, your audience will get your lead magnet. And you will know their email, name, profile photo, and the method they used to sign up.

Yes, you can setup automation for leads. So, every time a new sign-up occur RetargetKit will deliver this information to your favorite email provider service.

Collected Leads

You can also check your opt-in link details, how much you got unique clicks & conversion rate. You can also see ads spend cost & revenue comes from your link.

Opt-in Link Analytics

Why Should You Use RetargetKit to Collect Leads for Affiliate Marketing? 

It's not always necessary that all the moving parts of your lead generation campaigns go on perfectly. Sometimes some crucial parts need some fine-tuning for the success of the whole process. 

The most important thing that you have to ensure while creating the lead gen campaigns is choosing the perfect Lead Generator that helps you to collect leads for affiliate marketing specifically. We are going to tell you why RetargetKit is an ideal lead generator for the growth of your business. 

  1. RetargetKit will send your sales offers at zero bounce rates without any hassle of verifying cold leads. You will be able to get your verified emails as leads. 
  2. It has a well-organized and formal structure to store your leads. 
  3. It will provide you with a complete package of six separate tools. If you need to create a CTA button or Curated page for lead generation, you can also do that with the same toolkit. 
  4. RetargetKit gives you the facility to generate leads from Social Apps like Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can capture the Social Sign up information of your customers. Once they sign up, they will be redirected to the target webpage. 
  5. You can put any kind of link in RetargetKit, it will generate the redirect links. It shortens all your links or URLs and creates smarter redirect links that you can use everywhere.
  6. You can also create bio links with lead generation.
  7. It will ensure the security of your link by providing the Password Protected option as a great feature.

Final Words

Capturing a huge number of leads is good but it's better if you give more concentration on generating high-quality leads to collect leads for affiliate marketing. With more possibility to make purchases, you can improve the sales funnel of your company. 

Specifying the high-quality leads seeks a lot of research and strategies. So, don't hesitate to build strong relationships with your quality leads and nurturing them. They are the future customers of your business who will pay all your efforts back!

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