How To Get Clients and Grow Agency using RetargetKit

It’s not easy to get clients and grow agency. In the initial days, you have to keep balance in finding and winning clients. Establish and nurture a highly working team to handle all of the varying tasks and fixing issues that come with client work.

Most of the agencies start out with full energy and passion while they win their first few clients and pull up the socks to work for more.

But over time, new growing agencies often struggle with what comes next.

Without a constant incursion of clients, agencies struggle to grow and establish themselves in their niche. And that includes making tough decisions on what to catch and what to leave.

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Why Agency Growth Is Difficult

For new agencies, starting projects makes way for upcoming projects.

As a small team, it is easy to work day-to-day and take your eye off the ball.

New or less-experienced agencies have less understanding of the number of leads needed per month or how many projects can be handled per month.

This leads to failure to focus intently on lead generation, slow onboarding process which causes stagnant growth and reduces success.

New agency startups focus more often on getting clients fast. But the agency growth happens in the long-term.

Clients are the center of any agency. To attract, convince, perform onboarding, and retain clients, each agency needs a fail-proof strategy.

There are many tools, sources, and information that might be confusing, conflicting, and irrelevant to your niche or industry.

Agency growth depends entirely on your strategy, planning, working and execution. As a digital marketing agency, your working strategy is different from a designing company or software company.

To help you grow your business in a short time, we’ll explain how to get clients for an agency, how to grow agency once you have clients, and how you can sustain your lead generation for future success.

Common Growth Challenges Agencies Face

Agencies of all sizes face similar growth challenges. While more established agencies are usually better at attracting and winning clients. Their tactics are based on word-of-mouth or referrals.

But some agencies find it necessary to take a step back and reevaluate their lead generation techniques. This helps them level up and continue to grow.

Here are some common problems shared by smaller startup agencies.

  • Get new clients
  • Pitching processes take too much time and demand too many resources
  • A slow onboarding process delaying the start of the project
  • Lack of documental resources to help clients in understanding the working process.
  • Clumsy team members leading to reduce project success
  • Lack of a lead generation strategy
  • Lack of business strategy to re-engage existing clients and get them to commit to a new or extended project
  • Lack of a referral process, preventing clients from recommending the agency
  • Lack of creative marketing plans and executions

To reach your successive goal, it is important to establish these foundations early and clearly




Strategies That Help To Grow Agencies

There are some strategies for you to grow agency properly. You need to:

  • Stand out on social media: Undoubtedly, social media platforms are a great source to start marketing. Millions of people are engaged in them. So it’s easy to find out your niche and reach out to them. Collect leads (email address, contact info etc) for future use purposes. Engaging with your audience regularly helps you to grow agency.
  • Build relationships: Get connected to people and get to know them. Help them as you can and don’t wait for a return. This way, they will be more connected to you, more aware of your service and get to you in need.
  • Social advertising: Social advertising is ruling the web. From Google to Youtube, Facebook to Twitter, everywhere social advertising is seen. Social advertising helps you to get new clients through ads marketing. It also returns your one-time visitor back to you by retargeting. This is one of the most effective ways for you to grow agency.
  • Keep track of every link: As an agency owner, you share thousands of links to different niches and audiences. To get better results, you need to track every link you share on social media. This way, you will get the idea of what your audiences like the most and in which dimension you will get maximum revenue.
  • Monetize your audience: Your success doesn’t depend on link tracking and monitoring. Your success is when your conversion rate increases. When your link visitors turn into your client. This is why you should keep an eye on your audience. Once your audiences are pleased with your shared content, is it a high chance to get maximum revenue in the short term.
  • Keep engaged with your audience: It is important to keep engagement with your audience through regular posting. This way, your audience will never forget you. For this, manually posting everyday will gradually become a headache. It is better to choose an auto-posting service for it.

Want to get your own marketing agency?

How To Use RetargetKit To Get Clients

RetargetKit is an all-in-one marketing toolkit. It creates brand awareness, controls social media marketing ads and increases sales by retargeting your one-time visitors. It helps you to grow social verified leads 10x faster by saving time, money and effort.

Here are some methods you can use to get clients and grow agency using RetargetKit.

  • Lead collection: One of the major tasks of agencies is getting hot leads for getting more clients. RetargetKit has Lead Generation by which an agency can collect verified leads and grow the email list. You can collect leads from Facebook Groups, Twitter posts, LinkedIn etc and from other sources too. 
  • Call-To-Action: Call-To-Action(CTA) allows your audience to provide information about them in exchange for free ebooks or downloaded files. You can use customized CTA sharing informative blogs or websites and get clients.
  • Bio-Link: Instagram is one big platform to get clients. But It approves only one link sharing that too in your profile section. It’s not fair, right? But RetargetKit Bio Link can give you a bonus in that one link. You can share your important links in your Instagram Bio section using Bio Link. With this, your visitors can get connected to your website and get to know your business better. By this, you can turn your visitors into your clients.
  • Retargeted Links: Social media ads remind us more about the websites we visited or products we liked but didn’t purchase yet. With retargeting pixel setup, you can show ads on the social media platforms to only those people who know about your service, visited once or twice but didn’t become your client. This highly effects on marketing cost reduction and focus more on visitor-to-client conversions. 





Start building and growing your agency today.

The above steps will help you to drive targeted interest in your agency, creating buzz and awareness, and drive targeted high-quality clients to your door right away.

Every step works separately but the best agencies find it better to combine them for creating highly effective client acquisition campaigns creating brand recognition.

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