July 2020 Release Notes: New Analytics, Password Protected Link, Affiliate Program + More

With continuous update, RetargetKit is getting bigger and better. Since July month has ended, it’s time we introduce you to all the new features we brought and all the bugs we fixed.

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New analytics with clicks overview

As we promised, we redesigned and reintroduced our analytics to give you every insight about your links. Check out the introductory video of our new analytics attached below:

Migrated our payment gateway from FastSpring to Paddle

Finally, we decide to move forward to Paddle from Fastspring as our payment gateway. If you are a monthly or yearly plan subscriber, we already sent you a couple of emails about it to subscriber again. After the subscription is done, please contact our support team for canceling your old subscription.

Launch affiliate program

We are really thankful to you guys for promoting us without taking any penny from us in the last 365 days! So we decide to launch affiliate program to pay you as a warm thank you from us. If you want to keep promoting use, we highly encourage you to register for our affiliate program.

P.S: We are offering 25% recurring payment which means you will get 25% for each subscription for lifetime until they unsubscribe.

Custom domain root redirect

The custom domain is the core of your company brand visibility. We introduce custom domain root redirect to maintain your clients’ trust over you. In case people want to visit your domain from the link you shared, they will be redirected to your provided page or website. They won’t see RetargetKit website anymore. Now you have full control over where you want to redirect your visitor if they are checking your domain name.

Custom domain 404 redirect

When you delete any link from RetargetKit, and still someone visits that link, they will see a 404 page under the RetargetKit branding. To enforce your branding, we bring 404 redirections for your custom domain so that you can decide where you want to redirect when someone visits a deleted link.

Custom Domain Root 404 Redirect

Password Protected Link

Previously, you could not lock a short link. Numerous visitors from the web could see your destination page. Not anymore! Now you can set 6 – 20 characters password for your short link. If you set a password, RetargetKit will ask a password from your visitor. Once they enter a valid password, only then RetargetKit will redirect them to the destination page. Check the demo link.

Password: abc123

Password Protected Link

Short link clone

Writing UTM for your retargeted short link is a huge pain. We introduce cloning short links so that you do not need to write UTM over and over again. Just clone your link and change the destination URL. It’s that’s simple.

Short Link Clone

Image resize and align inside text editor

To get more leads, your CTA popover and lead generation page needs to be attractive enough. And image is one key element to make any surface attractive. Now, you can resize and align your image inside your CTA and lead generation message input box to make the appearance of your message more appealing.

P.S: Resizing will also work perfectly for your GIFs too.

Image Resize Inside Text Editor


Bug Fixes ?

  1. Fixed animation type field showing issue when updating retargeted link.
  2. Fixed input fields resetting issue when closing the client’s subscription plan modal.
  3. Fixed retarget links pagination.
  4. Fixed NON HTTP redirect.
  5. Fixed custom domain URL validation.
  6. Fixed CTA image upload.
  7. Fixed retarget link creating through API.


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