June 2020 Release Notes: Client’s Subscription Plan, Smartlist Improvements + More

With continuous update, RetargetKit is getting bigger and better. Since June month has ended, it’s time we introduce you to all the new features we brought and all the bugs we fixed.

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Details of subscription plan usage

Earlier there was no data on how many clicks you used, how many brands you created, and other usages information about your subscription plan. But now we brought this important piece so that you can make the complete usage of your subscription plan with in the limits. You will find this section once your click your photo situated right next to the notification bell icon.

Details Of Subscription Plan Usage

White-labeled custom subscription plan for distributing all feature limits to agency clients

If you are our white-labeled agency partner, then we give you the power to set your clients’ subscription plan according to their needs. By this, you can set the number of clicks, leads, brands, smartlist, bio links they can create, and other valuable features that RetargetKit offers.

Clients Subscription Plan

Upgraded to new campaign wizard user interface

We invested most of our time to simplify our old campaign wizard to give you a better user experience. Previously there were many options in campaign wizard that left our customers in puzzles. So we removed all the things that are confusing and made a unified user interface for your easy of use.

Renamed social sign up to Lead Generation:

Our social sign up is so popular for collecting social verified leads that everyone in our community uses social sign up with their lead magnets. So it makes sense to call it Lead Generation instead of social sign up. On a side note, lead generation is now an independent campaign type. You will see it under your campaign type when you press the new campaign button.

Lead Generation

Introducing text editor for lead generation opt-in message field

Opt-in message is so important for you to get more subscribers. You can inform your audience about the purpose of collecting their information using lead generation. So to increase your subscription rate, we bring you text editor for your opt-in message so that you can customize and colorize your text messages, insert emoji, embed youtube video, and photo.

Introduced Text Editor For Opt In Message Field

Introducing text editor for CTA message field

As like opt-in message, we also brought text editor for your CTA message. Insert video, photo, emoji inside your CTA message to increase your CTA’s click-through rate.

Introduced Text Editor For Cta Message Field

Smartlist Pagination

Showing all content links in a single smartlist page is not a good idea for a better user experience. It will slow down your smartlist page speed as well as make your audience bore with scrolling down to thousands of links. So we made sure your content links are divided into different pages to speed up your smartlist loading time and make it look more delighted. You have the availability to set the number of contents you want to show on a single page to your audience.

Smartlist Ordering

Content links ordering in smartlist will definitely increase your click-through rate dramatically. To give you more power, we made sure you can set your smartlist links based on creation date, alphabetic order, or even randomly.

Smartlist Pagination Link Ordering 1

Animation type for smartlist links

Smartlist page is loaded with links. If you want to drive your audience specific to a link you have to make it more eye-catchy. For that, you can use animation from animation type. Right now there are 7 types of animation available for you.

Animation Type For Smartlist Links


Bug Fixes ?

  1. Fixed smartlist CTA button click issue for social share buttons extra width.
  2. Fixed retarget link creating endpoint.
  3. Fixed multiple arrow conflict issues when created a new smartlist.
  4. Fixed bio link social profile modal.
  5. Fixed CTA form field line height.
  6. Fixed 403 errors when fetching meta information.
  7. Fixed select field background color.
  8. Fixed campaigns ID decode issue when delivering data to autoresponders.


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