Top Digital Marketing Channels 2022

Marketing is one of the most vital parts in a business. You need to market your company properly and make sure you are following an effective strategy so that it can lead from its position easily with no trouble at all! That is the reason you must know more about top digital marketing channels.

Inappropriate marketing often leads new companies straight down hill, but good product quality or great ideas could be enough for success if executed correctly- which means paying attention when doing these things right by planning ahead carefully executing timely campaigns through targeted channels

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What Is A Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy can be defined as the overall game plan to reach your proper audience and at one point turn them into your profitable clients. It means to work on some tactics to promote your brand. Following some trending methods that will uplift your business.

What Is A Marketing Channel?

A marketing channel is the medium to reach out to your proper audience. To stick to the proper marketing strategy you need to execute in the proper channels.

And retargeting is a great way to keep in touch with your audience and make sure you’re giving them the right content. Sign up to RetargetKit today so that we can help you retarget more effectively!

What Are Top Digital Marketing Channels 2022?

There are a lot of different channels that you can use for digital marketing. The best way to figure out which ones are the best for your business is to experiment and see what works best for you. Here are Top 10 marketing channels in 2022 to promote your brand marketing.

1. Social Media

The key to using social media is understanding how it can be used as a marketing strategy. Nowadays, companies are connected with their customers and clients through Facebook profiles or pages; they often make posts that reach thousands of people in just one minute!

You could build your own company page for this purpose – which will help promote business growth – but there’s another way you might want do use these platforms: by creating communities around certain topics (like hiking) where members share feedback on products/services sold within those industries

Digital Marketer Wan Mohd Afendi of WMAFENDI says, “I currently use Facebook and Instagram largely in social media marketing because of the huge target marketing there. I am using free marketing like sharing blog posting and direct posts about digital marketing tips and related.”


2. Retargeting

Marketing on social media is a great way to reach specific audiences. But if you’re not retargeting them with pixels then your ads may be wasted, as Facebook and LinkedIn charge per click- so it’s important that we learn how!

The reason why this technique works best? Well simply put: Retention rates are higher due in part because users can see multiple posts from different sources. And potentially interested enough about whatever product or service our ads promote without needing further encouragement before making purchases online.

Eugen Popa, Co-Founder of says he got successful with Facebook retargeting including, “Creating links for different products or websites we manage.”

Note: Not only with Facebook retargeting, RetargetKit allows you to set Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest and some more platforms retargeting pixels. This means you can track your one-time visitor from these platforms and show them advertisements by retargeting just from one platform.


3. Lead Generation

Lead generation is one proper way of marketing. When a stranger comes in contact with you by showing interest in your product or service, the journey from stranger to customer can be defined as lead generation.

Wan Mohd Afendi, Digital Marketer at WMAFENDI says, “I collect leads for our sales purpose for some products and services. I do email marketing too with the leads but need to manage my contents better in the future”. He also includes verified email collection as “it’s a filter to qualify leads.”

Note: RetargetKit can help you grow your email list by running a CTA on any informative resource and collecting the visitors’ emails. Once they’ve signed up, RetargetKit will send them content about products or services in order to keep building trust with potential buyers!


4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is not outdated! You can make a lot of money from email if you send the right content and follow some simple rules. A good way to do this, especially with emails that might be considered boring or routine topics for your business such as announcing new products on sale; just give them something they’ll want info about so there’s no need for complicated writing styles or lengthy paragraphs. All readers want sometimes (and often) simply information delivered quickly without too much fuss.

Be transparent in what subject lines relate back specifically towards each item being sold because humans naturally scan through these types advertisements first

Ken Moo, Founder of Content Loop Digital says, “Yes. It’s one of the best lead generation methods for our agency. And a real good complement to other strategies such as Facebook ads. Not everyone is good at cold calling. Even if you’re good, your outreach team or your new hire might not. And it takes time to train someone to be really good on the phone. Cold email does the job. And you can even pair up Cold email with Cold call to make the call less “cold”.”


5. Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great platform and a big opportunity to promote your business and service. Create video tutorials and teach people something useful or provide the solution to the problems of your audience. Provide step-by-step guides showing your products function and usage. The more value you provide, the quicker you can boost your visibility, and ultimately, increase your sales.

Web developer Ahmed Mansoor of Devlance Technologies says, “It helps in getting more order on Fiverr and Upwork. We can easily describe the things with the effects.” which is true.

Note: RetargetKit allows you to show video tutorials in CTA to your audience via video embed code.

Retargetkit Video Marketing Strategy

6. Content Writing

The content writing process can be difficult, but it’s worth the time and effort if you want to rank higher on Google. You should blog about your topic of expertise as well as share other blogs that are relevant in order to get more organic traffic from search engines like Yahoo!

Or just make sure not only do I post my own work online; instead reach out with authority by using platforms such Medium where people submit their contents for publication which could help grow our audience at home – then maybe divert some readers there too!.

The blog is the new way to get quality traffic for your website. You can use platforms like Medium or Quora, and even guest posts on other websites in order to gain an audience that will help you grow organic visitors from Google!

Retargetkit Content Writing Marketing Strategy

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that has been around for decades. It’s typically used by marketers to promote their own products and services, but it can also work if you’re looking into getting more traffic on your site from organic searches!

With LifeTime Deals like LTD offers on your website or contacting an advertiser directly – you can really boost traffic flow into sales conversions by getting more people looking at what we have available here at XYZ company
It sounds like such partnerships would work well because both parties win: The customer gets quality goods much faster than usual while also supporting smaller businesses who might not otherwise exist without them.

Retargetkit Affiliate Marketing Strategy 1

8. Word Of Mouth

“Just word-of-mouth marketing, highest trust factor” says Larry Tan, Founder of Respire. He also includes, “Most people waste a lot of time building a lot of elaborated campaigns without addressing the thing that matters; the key thing is to build TRUST before anything else.”

Word of mouth marketing is effective because clients tend to trust recommendations from friends. Plus, they’re much more likely than strangers (or even other close loved ones) in your life – who knows what people will think if you try something new? It might just work out great!

Retargetkit Word Of Mouth Marketing Strategy

9. Influencers

It’s high time you got in contact with an Influencer. The best of them are already at the peak of their career, they have a bunch of followers and an audience so if we speak on behalf your brand or business will see huge traffic from them promoting it too! Try reaching out for anyone who has a minimum 1000 subscribers/followers – this should be enough start.

Retargetkit Influencer Marketing Strategy 1

10. SEO

When you want to make your content more visible in search engines, then SEO is what matters. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist and it’s easier once we know how! All that needs doing now is keeping an eye on keywords as
well as sharing links with relevant text inside them from other websites.

This will help us rank higher for certain words or phrases which means people can find our blog posts when they’re looking online. As there might be somebody out there who hasn’t seen all the awesome things happening here before.

Retargetkit Seo Marketing Strategy


The goal of this post is to let you know the successful top digital marketing channels and strategies which made thousands upon millions of companies successful. These channels are an easy and fast way for any business owner or entrepreneur looking to make their brand grow with ease!

And online marketing gets better once you retarget your audience. This keeps you on track on which product or page is more liked by your audience and to which audience you should give more focus. Sign up to RetargetKit right away for better retargeting service.


  1. Really helpful!
    As a marketer, we can not only focus on 1 channel I think, even some people said that we should focus only in channels where our audiences “play”, I disagree with this, because if we “available” on all channels, that’s good for our visibility, and brand awareness, sometimes “audiences” hiding in a place that we don’t know 🙂

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