Retarget Medium Readers with Facebook Ads | 2019

Medium is a very big publishing platform. A platform where many authors, bloggers, and companies publish their posts. But what’s the use if you cannot retarget Medium readers?

Besides, it is highly appreciated by its readers due to its simple look and efficient work. We published one of our posts What is Retargeting Pixel Strategy in Medium and got curators rate. Here are the stats.


Till now 219 people have seen it and 119 have read it. It might sound very few people but these handful of readers are very important to us.

But the bad news is, with Medium, one can not retarget the readers. This means we can’t add a cookie in our readers’ browser to show them ads of our products.

So how can we get back to our readers and turn them into our custom audience? How can we show ads to them and remarket our other posts and products? ?

Solution!!! RetargetKit. ?

RetargetKit is a URL shortener service. It is used for retargeting a content hosted on a 3rd-party website. By this, you can retarget your Medium readers and show them ads on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc accounts.

You can retarget a visitor in three different methods – By sharing a retargeted link, adding retargeted links inside the article, and by bringing readers to your website.

After creating the retargeted links, you need to create a Facebook custom audience and lunch the ads. But before that, you need to create retargeted link of your Medium post. ✍️

Table Of Contents

1. Create The Retargeted Link

Retarget Medium Readers

Creating a retargeted link using RetargetKit is super easy and fast. You’ll love it once you know it. ?

First, create an account or login to your existing account. Create a campaign to keep all the similar links in one place. Now press ‘New Retarget Link’ button and fill up the fields of the pop-up model. You need to paste the Medium post URL, give a slug, set the pixels (If you have not set them yet, click here) and save it. A pop-up model will appear with the short URL in it. This is the retargeted link of your post. ?

2. Share The Retargeted Link


Retargeting Medium Readers


People read only those articles which they find interesting. So you’ll get only such readers, who are actually interested in the topic you’ve published. And the hidden purpose of the post is to drag the audience to purchase the product. So, if you don’t reach out to more people, you are likely to have fewer clients. And fewer clients mean no growth of business.

Usually, after publishing a post, we share the link in our social media accounts. And one of the best parts of social media is, once you share a link, you get likes, comments, and shares. By this, more people will see the post and your audience will grow at a large scale.

So to drive visitors to your Medium post and retarget them, you need to share the retargeted link to your social media accounts. Once the interested people click your retargeted link created via RetargetKit, you’ll get your targeted audience. And by showing ads to them your business will grow. ?

3. Add Retargeted Links In Your Article


Retarget Medium Readers

One other option is to embed retargeting pixels in the article for your Medium readers. Just link up the retargeted link to an interesting and eye catchy word to a site (even if it does not goes to your website). Once the reader clicks it, he’ll be added to your Facebook custom audience. And then you can show ads to him. ?

4. Retarget Readers To Your Website

If you’re a personal blogger in Medium and you own your personal website, you can bring readers to your website and retarget them. Now why should you do that?

Of course for marketing purpose. You didn’t build your site for a fancy reason, right? To reach out people, you need to share the website link on your medium post and get the attention of the readers. Once you get the attention of your readers, they likely to check your website. And when someone visits your website, you can easily retarget them. Just that simple. ?

All you need to do is set the retargeting pixel code in your website. To know how to set a retargeting pixel in your website, click here.

5. Creating Facebook Custom Audience

Custome audience is very important for showing ads to your targeted audience. If you want to filter your viewers to show them different type of ads, you need to create a custom audience.

Let’s say, you sell fashion items and home decor products on your website. Now to expand your business you choose Medium as your marketing channel. You published two articles related to fashion items and home decor products. 50 readers saw it. Among them, 10 clicked the fashion article and 5 clicked on home decor post.

Now, the one who clicked the fashion article retargeted link would not be that much interested in home decor products. So showing them that kind of ads would be nothing but a waste. Rather than showing them fashion related ads might make them your loyal clients. ?

The benefit of a custom audience is, for a single link the cost will be super low and click-through rate (CTR) will be high. The more links you add, the more targeted the audience you get. ?

To set the Facebook custom audience, go to your Facebook Ad Manager account, select the pixel tab and create a new custom audience like this:

Retargeting Medium Readers

Here we’ve set the retargeting links of our Medium post ‘What is Retargeting Pixel Strategy‘. You can set only one link too. Make sure you provide an audience name so that you can recognize it later.

6. Launch Facebook Ads

Now finally launch the ad. Make sure you select the audience name that you previously set.

Retargeting Pixel

Congratulation!!! You’ve done it. Now launch your Facebook ads based completely on your Medium readers. ???

Well, we’ve revealed the secret to increasing the number of your medium reader, track them and show ads to them. Now the rest is up to you.

What’s your story? Share it with us and let us know which retargeting service you use and how do you find it perfect for your work. And if you have other interesting stories to share with us, just let us know on [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.

Wanna try RetargetKit? Click Register and go for your 7-Day trial version. It’s FREE… ???


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