Retargeting Pixel Strategy For Beginners

Have you ever wondered, how come the small advertisements that pop in your Facebook screen is what you are looking for? How does it know that recently you are more interested in the new trendy clothes or you are looking for a new headphone? How does google show the exact topic you are looking for while you are in the middle of writing a topic in the Google search box?

What if I told you that these seemingly magical features of your favorite websites and apps were actually very practical tools used by marketers to make sure their ads are tailored just for us? That’s right, Retargeting pixels allow companies like Facebook (or any platform) know what topics or products we’re interested in based off our browsing history. And don’t worry-they’ll only show targeted advertisements within easy reach! This is retargeting pixel strategy that we’ll unleash.

Let’s dive deep to uncover retargeting pixel strategy and understand more of it.

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What is Retargeting Pixel?

Retargeting pixels or Advertising pixels is a set of Javascript code that’s anonymously ‘follows’ your audience all over the Web.

Let’s say it this way, someone visits your site, where you have a pixel installed.

That pixel “fires” and leaves a cookie on the users computer, helping Facebook to identify that user.

The pixel also sends a message to Facebook to immediately identify the user and then Facebook permanently “knows” the date/time that the user visited that site. The user now leaves the site to go about their day as usual.

When that user makes their way to Facebook, you can now serve them an ad that you created on social media agency accounts like- Facebook event manager, Twitter ads manager etc.

Retargeting Pixel Strategy For Beginners

Now when it comes to a servicing tool like- RetargetKit, you can integrate pixels even in any third-party website (like-Medium post or guest post etc) where they don’t have retargeting pixels.

How Does A Retargeting Pixel Work?

When you add this little-known retargeting pixel to your site, it turns every visitor into an anonymous cookie. Your provider then keeps track of which ads are served depending on when they last visited and where those visitors go after browsing online–and no one else will know but yourself!

As the retargeting pixel is an invisible code that can be added to your site’s long URL. This little mark will not affect performance and helps you target only those who have previously visited, keeping their ad experiences unique from other sites’ ads.

Retargeting Pixel Strategy

Retargeting Pixel Strategy For Beginners

If you are wondering more about retargeting pixel strategies then here are some that will help you.

  1. Retargeting users who have visited specific pages on your site is a great way to ensure personalized, hyper-target ads. For example, if someone puts an item in their cart but doesn’t complete the purchase you can target them with advertising for complementary items they might be interested such as coffee pods and cups or even other products entirely!
  2. You can’t afford to let your website shoppers fall through the cracks. When they abandon their carts after visiting, it costs you money and time in additional marketing efforts such as email campaigns or social media advertising – but there are ways around this! For example if people who have been browsing recently return within 30 days then send them one specific offer tailored just for that audience segmentation (like same day delivery). Another option would be sending out different content based on whether shoppers came from an external referrer like Google Shopping instead of someone opening our tags directly via search engine results page(SERP).
  3. Retargeting users after they’ve searched for keywords or phrases that relate to your business is an easy way of getting more sales. For instance, if you’re a jeweler in the Midwest and someone does a Google search on “best coffee in NY”, then you could target them with ads about discounts near where they live; this strategy will reach people who have never visited our website but may be interested enough from their initial browsing session (or perhaps even just seeing something related) which means there’s no need for us collect email addresses unless we want too!
  4. Your CRM is a rich source of valuable info about who your shoppers are and what they’re interested in. You can use this more robust intelligence (with data like store locations visited, email addresses etc) to make smarter retargeting matches for higher conversion rates!
  5. With the help of a data-driven vendor, your marketing is sure to be more effective. You can get an accurate picture of user preferences and purchase intent with content that’s personalized just for them – not generic or boring like other brands!

Why it is important?

Nowadays, most of the people buy everything online. Dress, shoes, headphone, grocery, decorative items etc almost everything. And to look for the perfect product, most of the time they visit only the branded ones or trusted ones or only the one they can find in Google front page.

This is a drawback for new entrepreneurs and new online shops. It becomes tough for them to compete and survive in the market. So by using Retargeting pixel, they can bring more visitors, increase traffic, increase the number of sales and embed their business using Facebook pixel strategy, Instagram pixels, Twitter Pixels, and other social media accounts.

So you see, with retargeting pixels, marketing a product or blog becomes really very easy. Cause social media accounts hold the data of people all around the globe. So advertising to them by sorting the ads into gender, age, interest, and other criteria become easy and targeted ones.

Benefit of Retargeting Pixel

Before knowing what it is, it would be better to know your benefits. Cause why should you go over a long post, if you don’t know what you’ll gain from it.

By setting up a retargeting pixel in your site, you can show your other products, blogs, contents, videos etc to your clients who visited your site previously for remarketing purpose. It provides you the alternative of demonstrating potential purchasers again and again, (even after they have left your site), on the basis of items, and services they have shown interest in.

To the point,

  • It will show advertisement of your products to the clients who once visited your site with the link holding retargeting pixel
  • This will increase the number of your visitors
  • Following the increment of your sales
  • You’ll have a huge number of visitors turning into your trusted clients
  • More visitors means more traffic. And more traffic means better rank in Google search engine.
  • You can lead the clients to your personal website (if you have any) which will also help your website to rank in Google front page.


What Is Meta (Facebook) Retargeting Pixel?

The Facebook pixel is a data-gathering tool that helps make the most of your ads across facebook and instagram. It allows you to test, refine an target them with laser precision by taking advantage on all its features such as targeting people based off age range or interests for example!

The Facebook Pixel is a code that you add to your website so it can track conversions from Ads, optimize advertisement campaigns and build targeted audiences for future ads. The information collected by this tool helps marketers tailor their strategies as well as find out who has taken some kind of action on the site before re-targeting them with customized content!

Want to add Facebook Pixel ID? Here it is.

Can I Set Different Retargeting Pixel On Website?

Yes, you can add different retargeting pixels on website landing page and other pages.


With so many people competing in the market, it is important to have a strong personal brand. One way of doing this would be through retargeting pixels services which are easy-to use and provide server support for your business needs!

Sign up to RetargetKit now to get started with retargeting pixels for targeting specific audiences.

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